A zombie apocalypse can happen at any time. Be ready for it with our Zombie Survival Box:  3-Day Survival Box. Our box contains REAL survival food and tools to help battle the undead...or start a fire at a campground - whichever comes first. Our Zombie Survival Box includes 3 pouches of water, 3 day food supply, glow sticks to light your way, emergency blanket, Matches ,tools and a basic first aid kit- all the essential items needed to survive for one person to survive 3 days! When the Zombie Apocalypse comes or the next big disaster hits, feel safe knowing that you have the essential items to survive!



Like Zombies? Then you’ll LOVE The Zombie Survival Box: The most exciting, convenient way to prepare for the Zombie apocalypse. Zombie Survival Box delivers the best of what it takes to survival the zombie apocalypse.


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